It takes research and a great plan to make sure your international expansion efforts pay off. But there is an amount of risk involved if you want to set up operations abroad. To minimize that risk, you need a structured and strategic approach to insure resources produce maximum results.

Below we are showcasing some of the projects we executed over the years...

Brazilian Global Holding

Assessing and helping with global policies for International Human Capital Mobility. Walking the walk with the client as they grow.

Consulting and counseling on Immigration, Taxation, Cross Cultural

Training – Geographically Diversified Team  (US, CH, CO, PE, CA, AR, BE)

Global Conglomerate

Consultation - Internationalization of  Human Capital - Group Companies.

( BE, SG, AR, MX ). From strategy to tactics...

Pulp & Paper

Company Internationalization process, joint development project with client.

Policies & Procedures; Workflow; Taxation; Consulting. (US, Belgium), mechanisms to keep costs down.

Regional Internet Provider

Company Internationalization process, joint forces with client project team.

Policies & Procedures; Workflow; Consulting.

(US, Uruguay), mechanisms to keep cost down.

Supply Chain Software Manufacturer

Company Internationalization process; several client areas participating.

Policies & Procedures; Workflow; Consulting.

(US, UK, Brazil), mechanisms to keep costs down

Construction & Engineering

Joint venture for heavy construction activities – Main Land and Ports - Santos, Maranhao, Brazil. Project – Secondment of Special labor – sea crew and main land project leaders. Immigration/Taxation/Relocation. (BR, AR, VE, AN). Several training activities on team building.


Brewery | Global Beer Distributor

Company Internationalization.

Immigration, Relocation, cross cultural training.

(BR, BE, US + Throughout Latin America)

Packaging Company

Review of current expatriation policies; analysis and suggested changes on some actual legal status and tax provision for full compliance,  tax savings and cost reductions. Retroactive consulting and advisory, Immigration, Relocation. (US, BR)


Textile Company

Immigration services for "destination Brazil".

Relocation services for global and domestic regions.

Telecom & Technology

Company Internationalization process, growth expectations...

Policies & Procedures; Workflow; Consulting. (US, BR)

Food Processing

Strategic consulting for the new business and for HR area on Relocation, business partner to the new company entering the Brazilian market.

(domestic & global services)

Healthcare Services

Immigration Services

Relocation Services (global & domestic)

Intercultural awareness programs

Airspace & Transportation

Strategic consulting services for the business and for HR on Relocation.

(Brazil). On the ground services.

Chemical Industry

Immigration services, Relocation services, Intercultural awareness program developed for the LATAM region.  (BR, AR, VE).


Immigration services.

Relocation services. (BR , US, DK and emerging markets, on Brazilian ground)


Banking Sector

Policies & Procedures; Workflow; Consulting; review of current policies and recommendations.

Immigration services. Relocation services. Intercultural awareness programs.

(US, BR)